Seychelles: all you can do on the islands

Whenever we think of Beach holidays, we remind of this beautiful place. Seychelles is a dream. This kind of Paradise Island only exists in stories. A country in the middle of the Indian Ocean made up of 115 islands that you may have never heard of and that barely show up on the map. The capital still has a poetic name, Victoria.

When is the best time?

There is sunshine in Seychelles all year round, so it is a great destination at any time. The temperature is around 28 degrees Celsius, but the hottest months are between November and April. From May to October, it starts to get cooler.

What to do in Seychelles 

Well, you probably do not want to worry about a thing, and you will want to relax on the beach all day. However, there are many beautiful places to visit on the islands. It is hard to choose because every time you hear someone saying that some other beach you have not seen is the prettiest.

Mahe Island

The country’s capital, Victoria, is on the island of Mahe. It is the biggest island, but there is nothing bad about it, after all, it only has 80000 inhabitants. It is nice to take a walk around the city to see it. It has some interesting things – a Hindu temple, a municipal market and a watch that is a replica of the Big Ben.

Eden Island is a fake island they built there. It is a very beautiful place. If you like drinks, and are tired of the beaches, the Takayama Distillery is a good option to do something different. Beau-Villon Beach is peaceful. Baie Lazare beach is a deserted beach with clear water and very calm. Anise Intendance is the most beautiful beach in Mahe, perhaps Seychelles. Port Glaud is rustic, picturesque and unlike anything else, a different beach with a small island.

Praslin Island

Praslin is the second largest island in Seychelles and has a population of around 8600. It is the second most chosen island by tourists after Mahe. In Vallee de Mai, you will find the most famous coconut in Seychelles: the coco-de-mer. He looks like a butt and everyone knows it. Anise Georgette is another beautiful beach. Get there early because the beach is small and the fewer people there are, the prettier it gets. Anise Lazio is the most famous beach on Praslin and has the best sunset on the island. It is beautiful and full of people if you compare it to other beaches.

Isle of La Digue

It is the fourth largest island, but has only a population of 2800 inhabitants, charming with its little streets between beaches and coconut trees. In La Digue, the best form of transport is by bike. As soon as you arrive on the island by boat, you will already find some rental shops. Do not forget to visit Vanilla Plantation. Anise Source d’Argent is considered the most beautiful beach in the world by National Geographic. Make a quick visit Grand Anise.

Now that you know Things to Do in Seychelles, it is time to book your tickets, pack your bags, and surprise you family with a nice and affordable trip.