Fall in love with Bovec kayaking


Are you curious about kayaking and would like to give it a try? We advise you to book Bovec kayaking with Altitude activities and be blown away by the beauty of nature and the beauty of kayaking. Namely, Bovec kayaking offers you the best of both. Just imagine paddling down one of the most picturesque rivers in Europe, being surrounded by magnificent mountains and greenery, while taking some (or perhaps even your first) kayaking lessons. No experience is more dreamlike as the Bovec kayaking adventure.

Kayaking really is a versatile sport, it is great was to find some peace and quiet in unspoilt nature, it is ideal for pair and groups. Our Bovec kayaking adventure is therefore an experience suitable for everyone, with every level of knowledge and kayaking experience. Everyone can find their thrill while experiencing Bovec kayaking.

Join us and enjoy every paddle stroke of the way 

When you book our Bovec kayaking adventure, we have everything covered, from different types of kayak, to all the essential equipment you need. We can meet in Bovec or we can drive you there with one of our vans. 

If you are a rookie, we will teach you basic strokes, how to turn, basic self-rescue, and more.  If you have never paddled before, you will probably feel like a fish out of water for the first time you sit in a kayak, but do not worry. We will cover all the basics together and have you on the water in no time.

However, if you are an experienced kayaker, you are in for a crazy adventure. With Bovec kayaking, you will get to experience calmness of unspoilt nature and some tough white water rapids. 

Do not go kayaking without us 

And why choose Bovec kayaking with Altitude activities? Because it will give you a breath-taking experience with amazing views while kayaking. Because you will be taken care of 100 % from start to finish. We do take safety seriously. Because our guides are the most polite, patient, calm and funny guys and girls. All this, combined with emerald colour of the Soča River, white pebble beaches, canyons, gorges, blueish green river pools, this is what makes Bovec kayaking so special and so different from any other kayaking experience.

Kayaking Bovec is one of the most beautiful three adventures we offer in our agency. Join us and experience the beauty of the kayaking sport yourself.