Have you already planned your destination for this year? You can consider your next destination as Cebu. Here is why you should. Cebu is the first capital of the Philippines. It is commonly known as “the Queen City of the South”.  It is located in the middle-south of the Philippines. One of the oldest, biggest, and busiest harbors. On the other hand, it is one of the oldest and strongest Spanish flavored settlements in the Philippines. 

Single-day plan for Cebu: it is the land of beaches, historical mansions, waterfall, adventures & games, and many more.  But, if you don’t have enough time yet to get inspired take a quick half-day Cebu tour, just check here at Maybe it won’t quench your thirst but still, it will give you a reason to cheat your tour plan to stay there for a while.

If you have only a few hours to visit Cebu then visit these 4 places.

Magellan’s Cross:  One of the most beautiful and popular attractions of the Philippines is Magellan’s cross. It was built by the Portuguese and Spanish in the year 1521. It is one of the most important religious remains for Catholics as it is the symbol of the beginning of Christianity.  It is located near Cebu city hall.

Fort San Pedro: Though Fort San Pedro was built by the Spanish as is a triangular bastion fort now it became a historical museum. And you must visit this fort before you leave Cebu. A tour of this fort will take you straight to the Spanish colony of the 16th century.

Historical Landmarks of Cebu:  now being one of the oldest and most important points of the first Spanish settlement, it has many historical landmarks scattered around the entire city.  Heritage Monument, Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House, Museo de Sugbo, Mactan Shrine. You can visit them all or you can just choose one or two.

Shopping in Cebu:  Cebu is the land of Culture and History. Again, being one of the most important harbors of the Philippines. It becomes a meeting point for many cultures. And this mixed culture impressed the shopping complexes as well, from the local market to the large shopping mall you will find something unique for your family and friends. 

Chilling at the Beach: Oh! You still have a few hours left and you are tired of hopping. Don’t worry this beautiful beach and a glass of GinPom will help you to relax and enjoy the rest of the night. 

If Cebu is not in your plan or you are skipping Cebu intentionally remember, that spending a day and a night in Cebu can change your whole way of living. Check for a quick half-day tour at for the Cebu tour. We promise that the glorious history, tragic settlements, local food culture, astonishing restaurants, relaxing sea beaches, sports, and beautiful sea creatures will not waste your day. In fact, a half-day Cebu tour can take you back in time.