Bring your dog on vacation with confidence

It’s time to start thinking about your summer holidays ahead, and if there is one thing that is bound to bring you anxiety, it’s the thought of leaving your dog with a family member or at the kennels for the time in which you are away. While some can do this without any issues, most people find it hard to leave their dog behind when they go on holiday, and rightly so. The dog is part of the family, so it stands to reason you’d feel sad leaving them behind.

With this in mind, we need to think about the fact that there are plenty of dog-friendly places to book for your next holiday. All you need is preparation! Dogs may not have their own idea about suitcases and packing, but you have a lot to consider if you want to travel confidently with your dog. Let’s take a look at all the things that you need to remember.

See The Vet

Whether you are flying somewhere lovely or going on a road trip, you need to think about the precautions to take weeks in advance, and the first appointment that you need to book is one with the vet. Every single dog needs to be checked over before they go on holiday with you – it’s the number one rule by which you must abide. They’ll update any necessary vaccinations including:

  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Parvovirus
  • Hepatitis

And even domestic travel in some places requires a rabies vaccine. Speak to the vet about what your dog needs and make sure you do them well in advance of the trip.

Pack Their Case

Okay, so dogs won’t pack their own case, but you can. Think about ensuring – especially on a camping trip – that you have the best dog food UK before you go, along with mineral water in the trunk of the car. You don’t want to break down somewhere in the wilderness and not have back-up supplies. Include any beach shoes for hot sand, any sun ointments for the pads of their paws, and pack spare leashes, too.

Do An ID Update

If your dog gets lost on holiday, it is stressful. However, if your pet has their identification chip updated before you go, you can avoid this happening. You must ensure that your dog wears his collar as well as have a chip so that you can be contacted if he goes missing. If your dog runs away, it’s far easier to handle as a situation with an updated chip compared to if you’re not prepared for this at all.

Buy Something Comfy

A dog needs to have a space to retire away from all the noise of the holiday. A crate or carrier can be their second home from home, and you can ensure that they are as comfortable as possible in theirs.

Bringing a dog on vacation shouldn’t be a chore, but something to enjoy. The whole family will benefit from a dog on holiday with them – including the dog.