Benefits of an Environment-Friendly Hotel

Sustainable tourism aims to decrease its negative impact on the environment and, thus, maximize the efficiency of business resources. Ultimately, sustainability should provide individuals with a better ecosystem to live in. 

That said, eco-friendly hotels have risen in number. And many travellers seem to prefer these hotels over their non-eco friendly counterparts. Having a little staycation helps with relaxing and spending time away from the daily busyness of work and school. Yet, regardless of your reasons for staying at a hotel, it is crucial to be in a place where you are comfortable. If you are planning a vacation with your family soon, check out family hotel with pool carlsbad ca for some great options.

Below are a few benefits of an environmentally friendly hotel Fernie:

Water Conservation

Many hotels are now installing their grey water treatment facilities, such as utilizing the efficient Cyclone water heater. Many are also implementing towel and linen reuse programs with consumer participation. 


Sustainable hotels utilize alternative energy sources and cut back on using valuable supplies. For example, they can use Solar powered hotel Fernie instead of getting energy from the primary energy grid. This significantly reduces energy consumption and saves you from paying costly bills. 

Handling Waste

Waste is one of the major issues faced by every sector throughout the world. Incorrect waste disposal can damage the environment and cause life-threatening harm to all living organisms. Many sustainable hotels are working to reuse, recycle, produce new energy from garbage and reduce waste production. 

Health Benefits

Environment-friendly accommodation also has remarkable health benefits because the settings of eco-sustainable lodging are far healthier than those of a standard hotel. With proper use of lights and windows, a clean atmosphere can lower stress levels, boost mood, and increase productivity. It also considerably enhances an individual’s quality of life.

Organic Produce

Eco-friendliness is not limited to a hotel’s facilities. Regarding the services offered, holistic thinking is key to sustainable tourism. It also applies to the meals provided for guests. You can expect the refrigerators and pantries to be packed with local fruits and vegetables. 

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Fernie Fox Hotel is a family-run sustainable hotel in British Columbia, Canada. They aim to achieve sustainability through business activities and reducing environmental footprint. Visit their website or contact them at (250) 423-6788 for more information.