An awesome family trip to Mauritius

Should you go on a trip to Mauritius with your family if you don’t just want to rest on the beach?

Yes ! Mauritius is spoiled by a number of incredible paradisiacal beaches, but we were also surprised to discover that it is a very green territory, covered with 80% of sugarcane.

There are also a lot of activities to do: if you like hiking, you can take beautiful walks on the side of Morne Brabant or along the Tamarin river (valley of the 7 waterfalls); if you like diving, you will not be disappointed by the coral reef; if you like the boat, you will have the choice between catamaran or speedboat to take you to nearby islands.

Finally, if you have a little time (and a little money), plan a stopover in Rodrigues (1h30 by plane): you will find yourself in Mauritius 40 years ago!

Best places to visit in Mauritius with your family

1 – Cap Malheureux

This small village takes its name from a very sad event: it was here that the English landed in 1810 to seize Mauritius, then French. Today, the misfortunes of this small town are far behind it and Cap Malheureux runs happy days: the red of the roof of the small church, the blue of the sea, the green of the vegetation … The landscape is sublime and suitable for long walks! From the church, you can enjoy a nice view of the sea and admire the fishermen returning from their working day.

Cap Malheureux, located at the far north of the island, is a top stop to combine with a visit to the Pamplemousse Garden or Château Labourdonnais.

2 – The SSR Botanical Garden

We loved walking around the main aisles of this magnificent botanical garden! You can admire many varieties of palm trees, see the giant water lily pond, white lotuses, turtles, etc. The Pamplemousse Garden is an ideal place for a Sunday visit in the company of the Mauritians themselves.

Price: around € 5 / person (children under 5 free)

3 – L’Aventure du Sucre (1.5 km from the Pamplemousse Garden)

Located in the former sugar factory of Beau Plan, L’Aventure du Sucre is a very comprehensive museum on the history of Mauritius and the exploitation of sugar, the two being closely linked. The final tasting of the different brown sugars (12 in total) was, of course, the most popular thing with children, but it is a great place and the little tart grains will have no more secrets for you!

Price: 380 Rs (9 €) per adult, 190 Rs (5 €) per child, free for children under 6

4 – Port-Louis market

The interest of Port-Louis, the capital of Mauritius, lies above all in its authentic colorful market, also called Bazaar. It’s time to awaken your taste buds and those of children by discovering rotis, dholl puri, savory cakes and the famous alouda (sweet drink), but also bargaining to bring back a lot of memories (dodo, cicada dress, sarongs, spices….).

I advise you to come there by bus which will drop you off next, because by car, it is another bazaar, much less pleasant. If you have no other choice, park in the parking lot of the Caudan Waterfront (the shopping center with a nice umbrella lane).

What climate did you have during your trip to Mauritius in August?

The high season in Mauritius is from November to April: sun and heat guaranteed (temperatures between 27 and 33 ° C) but the prices of airplanes and rentals are also soaring.

What transport should be favored during a family trip to Mauritius?

Mauritius is a small island: 48km from east to west and 65km from north to south. Everything is close enough but far in time because the traffic is quite dense. It takes at least 1.5 hours to cross the island from North to South.

The car is the most convenient form of transportation. On the other hand, it will be necessary to do with driving on the left, traffic signs that are not very present (remember to take a card), and above all, driving a little epic (works, hazardous overtaking, etc.).

You can also take a lot of buses like us. Stops are very frequent. There is no exact time of passage but do not hesitate to ask the Mauritians, who will be happy to guide you and make conversation throughout the journey. Do not forget to behave well, the driving of the drivers is rather sporty!

Finally, we also took many taxis. You can take them on the fly or you can book them for the day in advance. We went by Sam Taxi and we highly recommend them (2500 rupees for the day for 4, or about 65 euros / d)

Which accommodation to choose?

Preferably, go for a villa rental with staff for a successful holiday in Mauritius. This will allow you more time for your family and you’ll be surprised by Mauritian hospitality.