A Complete Travel Guide to Dubai

Ever wondered why Dubai is the most loving destination among tourists? Well, the reason is that it is home to the world’s tallest buildings, serene beaches, and amazing shopping malls. The city of gold also showcases the breath-taking architectural designs along with its hotel’s luxury. So, if you are planning to visit anytime soon in Dubai, then the following guide will help you create your itinerary.

A Guide to Planning for Future Visit to Dubai

When is the best time to visit Dubai?

Dubai is a place that never fails to satisfy its tourists irrespective of the time. However, if you are conscious about when to visit, then the perfect time would be from October to April. In Asia, it’s the winter season, so it becomes the most comfortable and enjoyable time to explore the beauty of the place. Most of the outdoor activities such as desert safari and relaxing islands can be enjoyed in these months only. Even the best hotels in Dubai offer great deals during this time.

What currency is used in Dubai?

The currency used in the whole United Arab Emirates is Emirati Dirham (DH). The tourists must get their currencies exchanged before visiting the place.

Which language is used in Dubai?

Well, the official language used in the United Arab Emirates is Arabic. Since this place is hugely loved and visited by tourists and foreigners, English is also widely used in Dubai.

Which is the most common transportation system used in Dubai?

The most common public mode of transportation used in Dubai includes buses, taxis, monorails, and the metro. The whole public transportation system is operated by the road and transport authority of Dubai.

What things can the tourists do in Dubai?

The first thing that tourists can do after reaching Dubai is to witness the beauty of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. Apart from that, there are many luxurious hotels, international restaurants, and public beaches that the visitors must visit at least once during their stay in Dubai. Dubai is also the home to the world’s largest shopping mall. If you are visiting the place with your kids, then you can also take a day out for theme parks, aquariums, etc.

Where can the tourists stay?

If you are going to visit Dubai anytime soon, then one thing you need not worry about is the hotel accommodation. The city has several hotel options depending on the budget of the visitors. There are the best hotels in Abu Dhabi that offer the best scenic view along with luxurious facilities. The tourists can find hotels near the Dubai Marina, Jumeirah beach. The business bay also offers accommodation options for people having both high and low budgets.

What food options do we get in Dubai?

Another best thing about traveling to Dubai is that the tourists do not need to worry about the food and can have anything that they desire. Since most of the residents of Dubai are from other nationalities, so whatever your food preferences are, they can easily be found in different restaurants of the city.

Suggestion for Dubai Trip

  • When you visit Dubai, it is recommended that you install uber apps such as Careem. Such apps would help tourists to have access to taxi facilities.
  • Instead of spending heavy taxi charges, take the Dubai metro for transportation purposes.
  • There are also apps that tourists can download to get major discounts and offers at hotels and restaurants.
  • Also, if you want to cut the drinking prices, then you should visit the bars and clubs at happy hours. Even the most expensive drinks are put on heavy discounts at happy hours.

These are the tips that tourists must follow during their stay in Dubai. And those who are still at their planning stage, hope this perfect guide will help you plan your next vacation to Dubai.