4 Important Benefits of a Vitamin-Sea Vacation


“I need vitamin sea.” You must often see the sentence above on social media when someone needs a vacation to the beach, especially to Bali. There are even those who don’t only need vitamin sea but also want to be alone in a zen hideaway bali like on an uninhabited beach. 

The question is, why has the beach always become people’s favorite? Regardless of the personal preference of each person, the beach has many benefits, especially for your body. Many people do not realize this benefit, usually, after a vacation at the beach, people are excited to work again. Can you guess one of the benefits?

Relieve mental stress

Stressful minds can happen due to a pile of work in the office, life problems, and so on. By visiting the beach, your mind will be much more relaxed as soon as you hear the waves, breathe the fresh beach air, and enjoy the breeze that blows to your body. The combination of all of this makes your serotonin hormone rise, resulting in feelings of calm and peace. Then the stress slowly goes away.

Activate vitamin D in the body

When sunbathing at bali indonesia beaches, many say you will get vitamin D from the sun. It is not completely true. The truth is, vitamin D is already in our bodies. But to activate it, it takes sunlight that hits the skin. Well, it is best to sunbathe on the beach as much as possible in the morning when the sun is still warm. When it’s noon, then it’s time for us to take shelter from the sun.

Have a better sleep

Did you know you can increase the quality of sleep by playing on the beach? You can try this for those who have trouble sleeping or insomnia. So by stepping on soft sand and walking on it, there will be a feeling of peace and comfort. So when night falls, you will sleep faster. Curious to try it?

Exercising in another atmosphere

Do you often exercise at home but crave to do it in a different atmosphere? If you usually do yoga or exercise at home, this time, do it on the beach. Or try a sport generally done on the beach or the sea, for example, swimming, surfing, diving, canoeing, etc. Or if you want something relaxing, you can walk without sandals and shoes on the beach sand. Walking like this is not easy, you know, because it generally takes more energy to walk while the feet feel sucked in by fine sand.