3 Romantic Couples Activities in Niagara Falls


There’s little wonder as to why Niagara Falls is commonly viewed as a family destination. In addition to the iconic Falls, the area is home to an extensive array of attractions designed with family fun in mind. From indoor water parks to elaborate miniature golf courses to enormous arcades, Niagara Falls is a fantastic place for anyone traveling with children. However, the area’s famous family-friendliness shouldn’t overshadow its wide assortment of couples activities. So, if you and your special someone will soon be charting a course for Niagara Falls, make a point of checking out the following attractions.

1. The Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens

If you and your sweetie are fond of romantic strolls, you won’t want to miss out on the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens. Open year-round, the Botanical Gardens are home to a colorful array of plant life and serve as the perfect walking spot for couples in love. The Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens are also famous for featuring over 2,400 roses – something that couples in the mood for romance are sure to appreciate. Furthermore, couples who visit during the summer should consider booking a horse and carriage tour in order to get the full Botanical Gardens experience.

2. The Niagara Skywheel

It isn’t hard to see why Ferris wheels are synonymous with romance. In addition to allowing couples to enjoy one another’s company in a close-quarters setting, they often provide lovers with a gorgeous view of the surrounding area. When it comes to Ferris wheels, few have as much to offer as the world-famous Niagara Skywheel. The largest Ferris wheel in Canada, the Niagara Skywheel takes couples 175 feet above the ground and gives them a one-of-a-kind view of the Falls. If enjoying breathtaking scenery with your special someone sounds like an appealing prospect, don’t hesitate to visit the Clifton Hills midway and take a spin on the Skywheel.

3. Wine-Tasting Tours

If you and your sweetie would never say no to a good glass of wine, Niagara Falls is the place for you. Unbeknownst to many visitors, Niagara Falls is home to an extensive assortment of world-class vineyards and wineries. That being the case, it isn’t difficult to find romantic – and affordable – wine-tasting tours. So, if sampling a bevy of fine spirits alongside your favorite person is your idea of a good time, book a tour today. Adding to the romantic atmosphere, a number of local wineries feature quaint onsite restaurants and world-class cuisine. As such, you’re liable to come across some of them when perusing the best Niagara Falls restaurants. If you and your partner also have a taste for beer, you may want to consider touring some of the area’s local breweries as well.

Couples on the hunt for the right travel destination can’t afford to overlook Niagara Falls. Home to an abundance of activities for sweethearts of all ages, Niagara Falls is the ideal spot for travelers looking for the perfect romantic getaway. While there’s no denying that Niagara is a popular family destination, it also has plenty to offer vacationing couples.